Ruby’s Bagels at Zocalo

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Who doesn’t love a good bagel? Well if you are in the mood for bagels so good that you will most likely see the words “sold out” before the stand even technically closes, then just head to Ruby’s Bagels at Zocalo in Milwaukee!

Ruby’s wants everyone to feel familiar and comfortable when they take the first bite of their amazing bagel. Their mission is to have a positive impact on the community and bring people together with amazing bagels. There are so many awesome options to choose from, but our absolute favorite was the rosemary and sea salt with plain cream cheese! It was covered with fresh rosemary and flecks of sea salt.

Ruby’s is open Friday through Sunday from 7:30-11:30 am at Zocalo. Although, our suggestion would be to order ahead to make sure you claim your delicious bagels!

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