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We love learning about food, the story behind it, the culture, the people who make it! There is a food truck park in Milwaukee, you’ve probably heard us mention it a thousand times, Zocalo! It’s filled with so many amazing choices, so of course every time we go we try something new! This time, Mazorca had our attention!

Esquites & Fruit Cups

We were delighted to try something we’ve seen on TV and heard about many times, but never actually tried! Esquites and traditional fruit cups! The best part was watching them being made, step by step, with such care and passion!

We didn’t want to just try this traditional Mexican fare we wanted to learn about! Guess what, it was AMAZING!

Of Course Churros

Make your way there soon and discover for yourself what makes these two dishes so exciting! Ok, yes we had dessert too, Churros!!! I mean who can resist a churro?

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