Cheesecake Disaster


I love baking in fact I went to culinary school to become a pastry chef, but baking is an exact science, and my downfall, laziness! I want to bake how I cook, no measuring, just throwing it together and hoping it comes out in a somewhat delicious and decadent form. Sometimes, this is a disaster and sometimes I make something that is amazing. Of course, there are times that I throw my baking laziness aside and perfectly follow my precise recipes. Marc’s birthday was last Sunday and he requested a cheesecake, a great suggestion by the way!

We had company coming in less than five hours. If you bake and do the math, you that it wasnt a genius idea for me to race against the clock, unless I wanted a half baked, not set, runny cheesecake, and yes friends, that’s what I got! Everyones smiled through the dessert portion of the meal and raved about the “flavor”!

But as bad as underbaked and underset cheesecake is, thowing it away was not an option. So, I decided to do what Ido best and throw some things in a bowl, and hope for the best. This time, magic was made!

I threw the remaining half of cheesecake in a mixer, added 1/4 cup of flour and folded in 4 egg whites that were whipped to stiff peaks. I threw it in the oven and baked it for about a half hour with my fingers crossed.

What came out was a luscious, light but firm, cheesecake-like souffle! Yes, is a lot of words to describe this cake, but whatever you call it, next time your underbake your cheecake, make this! In fact, purposely underbake your cheesecake and make this!

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