Leon’s Frozen Custard


You know those places that are just staples in a city, well that’s Leon’s in Milwaukee! Family-owned and operated since 1942, making and serving the finest, freshest frozen custard! They are open all year round and have a full soda fountain service, with daily special flavors and take-out service. 

Fresh and Fine Frozen Custard

Leon’s has so many classic, iconic and fun flavors. Their flavor or the day when we were there was Blue Moon. Leon’s doesn’t mess around though, there are not dipped cones here, they don’t even have sprinkles! But what they do have is insanely good custard and classic toppings like Spanish peanuts, chocolate, marshmallow, and butterscotch, and of course malt powder! You can order a cone, a malt or shake, a float, or a sundae, all done to perfection!

Let’s be honest, when something is this iconic, it doesn’t really matter what you order, you know its going to be awesome! So make the trip to Leon’s, even if its out of your way its totally worth it!

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