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What do you think when someone says let’s go to a vegan restaurant for dinner? Since we never say no to food, we happily oblige, but after eating at Spirit Elephant in Winnetka, we are asking people to go to a vegan restaurant with us! Not only is this restaurant gorgeous, but the food is also insanely good!

Plant-Based Menu at Spirit Elephant

Like the beautiful artwork on the wall greets you with as you walk in, Eat plants feel beautiful! There is so much talk about plant based eating these day and the incredible health benefits that accompany it. But, will you miss the meat? We say heck no! The food is delicious, and we will take it up a notch, you will prefer the plants!

The Cauliflower wings with dipping sauce were out of this world. Again, you will not miss the meat, you might be like Marc and prefer the cauliflower! The Land Scallops were phenomenal! Miso and plum marinated King Oyster mushrooms, cauliflower puree, sautéed swiss chard, and white and caper sauce, I mean this dish had a pop of flavor in every bite! Can you see all of the beautiful vegetables and textures packed into that bowl of Béchamel Scallop-ini? The bowl was filled with linguini, artichokes, tri-colored cauliflower, king oyster mushrooms, roasted mushroom, and crispy basil! Yes please and thank you! Our bellies were filled to the brim, but you better believe we will back to partake in their delightfully indulgent dessert menu sooner than later!

Just to leave you with one more fact about Spirit Elephant, dinner for one saves 360 gallons of water, 13 pounds of grain, 10 square feet of forest, and 6 points of CO2! Now that’s reason enough to eat there! So what are you waiting for?

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