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Nestled in the Andersonville neighborhood of Chicago, is a bakery not to be missed, Lost Larson. This is not your run of the mill corner bakery. This bakery “honors the craft of baking”, as explained on their website. While we could only describe it with one word, perfection! Perfect seasonal, Scandinavian-inspired pastries, and a perfect aesthetic.

A Perfect Menu

Lost Larson, even works closely with Illinois farmers who grow grains and then mill them on their in-house stone mill to achieve the freshest flavor possible. With a wide variety of classic, but done to perfection, pastries and laminated doughs, like cinnamon rolls and cardamom buns, chocolate hazelnut and almond croissants, and scones you can not go wrong. They even featured traditional Scandinavian Smørrebrød, gorgeous open-faced sandwiches, almost too pretty to eat.


Although, when we made our trip, we had to try the traditional, beautiful, Swedish treat, the Semla. This brioche based pastry laced with the perfect amount of cardamom, generously topped with handmade almond paste and fresh whipped cream, was a dessert fit for a King, or a Queen!

You will want to visit Lost Larson again and again as the seasons change. Mark it down on your list of must visits!

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