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A few months ago, we had the privilege of working with one of our favorite restaurants, NaKorn on a breakfast bowl article for Served Magazine! Sam and Mina, the owners of NaKorn shared an awesome, authentic Thai Jok Kai recipe with us, we cooked it, styled it and photographed it! It was so much fun, Sam and Mina are dear friends of ours and getting to share in this special experience with them was awesome!

One of Sam’s favorite things to have for breakfast is Jok, its a rice porriage, kind of like an Asaian oatmeal but its savory! You can find it on the streets of Thailand at pretty much anytime of the day, breakfast or late night.

Sam gave us a recipe that featured chicken meatballs and a variety of coloful toppings. This dish is not only incredibly satistfying and comforting, but its full of textures, flavors and hot jok and meatballs and cool crunchy toppings.

Jok Kai is Served

Make this once and you will make it time and time again! I think Marc ate two bowls the first time we made it! Check out the recipe above!

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