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Is there more craveable food than pizza? What’s really special about pizza is that it’s so customizable. It can be simple and minimal or complex and layered, luckily E&F Pizzeria in Milwaukee does both. They made it tough to choose which slice we were going to have, but mushroom and truffle was the obvious choice, a powerful combo and hard to beat! We love what owners, Adam Pawlak, Alex Anderson, Tony Goff, and Randy Rhoades had to say about E&F Pizzeria. “With unique attention to quality ingredients and a modern spin on traditional techniques, E&F is pizza, but better. Three classic options as well as one daily rotating feature bring the flavors of Italy to your tastebuds like never before.”

So Much More Than Milwaukee Pizza

E&F Pizza is located in the Crossroads Collective Food Hall in Milwaukee. But they don’t stop at pizza, right next to their pizza micro restaurant they have Egg & Flour Pasta Bar! That meant pairing our pizza with an absolutely lovely burrata Caprese salad. One of the best parts about trying new restaurants is seeing the passion and heart behind each dish. You really can taste the passion that goes into the food at E&F Pizzeria and Egg & Flour Pasta Bar. With locally sourced ingredients, handmade pasta, and beautiful, authentic sauces, you can not go wrong.

So get your happy dance shoes on and get over to either E&F Pizzeria or Egg and Flour Pasta Bar both at Crossroads Collective. Or, try Egg and Flour’s brick and mortar in the always on and popping Bayview neighborhood!

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