The Pharmacy, Milwaukee


You know the rug in the Big Lebowski? It held the room together. That’s what The Pharmacy is to Crossroads Milwaukee! This hip, colorful mini bar is surrounded by tons of phenomenal food vendors. So you will have no problem finding a great cocktail, mocktail, beer, or glass of wine to accompany the incredible work of the surrounding restaurants. In fact, there are eight restaurants to choose from, and let us tell you from experience they are all incredible, you literally can not go wrong!

Just What the Doctor Ordered, The Pharmacy

There are so many cool stories about creating this high-energy food hall. The Pharmacy literally used to be a pharmacy. The menu is even a prescription pad and the drink names give a nod to the medical field. The Dr.s choice was our choice. It featured Old Forester 86 Bourbon, Amaro Montenegro, Pomegranate, and Angostura Bitters. The bartender was fun and engaging, we asked lots of questions and he happily obliged!

Loosen you belts and get your appetite ready, go to the food hall for a variety of fabulous foods and stop at The Pharmacy for a variety of amazing drinks!

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