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We say it all the time, we have a very long list of restaurants that we want to visit, eat at, and photograph. Last weekend we checked another box. It was a delicious box to check. We mean, tacos are inherently delicious, right? But these tacos, in the Walker’s Point neighborhood of Milwaukee, are no laughing matter!

A James Beard Finalist’s Tacos

Oh, did we mention that Laughing Taco is owned by Justin Carlisle, a James Beard Finalist and owner of the acclaimed restaurant, Ardent in Milwaukee! Justin uses grass-fed beef from his family farm and other locally sourced ingredients just like he does at Ardent to create these crave-worthy tacos!

Fun Times

This place was fun too, from the moment we walked in the guys working were engaging and welcoming! We talked beer, all things Milwaukee and their house hot sauce!

We have a few recommendations for your Laughing Taco visit! Get their house hot sauce for your tacos, Victoria Beer goes really well with tacos, cool down with a Laughing Taco spiked slushy, m ay we suggest the Paloma!

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