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What’s in a name? When well done, a mission statement, a philosophy. That’s what Anam Cara in Libertyville has done. Anam Cara is a Celtic phrase meaning “Soul Friend”. This is their mission and philosophy. This place has lots of soul and is an exceptional place to bring new friends or sit deep with old ones.

The Welcoming Spirit of Anam Cara

This cafe is run by the coolest husband and wife team, Travis and Katie! As you walk in you will be welcomed into a gorgeous space designed by Katie herself. It’s a gallery of ultra-cool art, color, and exceptional design! Even the soundtrack that was playing gently in the background was spot on! Oh, and they serve artful food, exciting coffee drinks (you must try the Misto Rosso), hand-crafted cocktails, and wait for it, boozy lattes!


Although the menu was small, there were fantastic options, which left us in contemplation because everything sounded so great! We finally decided upon the pesto and prosciutto flatbread which featured pesto, feta, sundried tomatoes, kalamata olives, pine nuts, and basil! WOW, it was a flavor explosion and perfectly sized for lunch! We also had to try the chicken dijon panini, sourdough bread, honey-baked chicken, dijon mustard, red onions, and arugula. Another fantastic choice!

Go for the aesthetic, the drinks, the food, just go check it out, then make Anam Cara a regular stop!

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