Restaurant Worthy, Vanilla


Restaurant Worthy, Vanilla

Today is for all you at home bakers that love vanilla, but are tired of buying costly bottles of extract that isn’t even very good! We always talk about the quality of ingredients, because they are so important, even when it comes to baking! Homemade is where it’s at friends! 


Here’s all you need:

  1. small bottle or jar that can be sealed tightly, we got these at Hobby Lobby (they are about 8-10 oz) 
  2. Vodka (This doesn’t have to be high-end Vodka)
  3. 6-8 vanilla beans 


Make sure your bottle is washed and dried completely. Take your vanilla pods and slice them lengthwise to reveal those beautiful beans! Pop them in your jar. Take a funnel and pour the vodka into the jar of vanilla beans until it reaches the top. Store the bottle in your cabinet and give it a little shake every other week. The longer it sits the better it is. We say let it sit for about 6-12 months! Hey if you start now, this would make a pretty amazing holiday gift! As you use the extract, add more alcohol and keep making more, or you can take those vanilla pods out, scape out the beans and use them for all sorts of wonderful things, may we suggest homemade whipped cream, creme Chantilly if you will. You will never go back to store bought again!  

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