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You know that feeling when you walk into Anthropologie like every corner has something you must see, you pour over every detail because they are all done to perfection, ya that’s kind of how we feel when we walk into Anam Cara! Pretty much the perfect backdrop for a date night!

Better yet, the owners, Katie and Travis are pretty much the coolest people too! There is so much to appreciate when you walk into this beautifully designed and decorated cafe in Libertyville, IL!

Date Night

A few weeks ago, we had the pleasure of shooting some photos for a fun “date night guide” that the Libertyville Area Moms Network put together!

Anam Cara does not just have an incredibly non-pretentious artistic vibe, (Katie is a phenomenal artist, designer, and decorator) delicious food, and great coffee drinks they also have handcrafted cocktails and boozy lattes! Which pretty much makes for the perfect date night if you ask us!  Just to sit in the cafe, you almost feel cooler! Everything is just done so well!

The craft cocktails range from an Espresso Martini, to a Chocolate Mint Julep, to a Flamed Orange Manhattan, and those are just a few of the lovely drinks they offer. Don’t worry coffee lovers, if your not feeling a full cocktail, try one of their White Russian Lattes or a Tipsy Mint Mocha.

Are you planning your date night yet?

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