Summertime, Pouring Out Light


Summertime, the season of romance. Outdoor seating at restaurants, drinks on rooftops, long walks during the day and beachy sunsets at night, those are our romantic moments.

A glass of chilled white wine in the summer with dinner is always special and satisfying, especially shared with the one you love.

Summertime Wine and Flowers

We don’t think we are the only ones, sometimes (ok a lot of times) we judge a bottle of wine by its label or the look of the bottle. This stunning bottle of Gerard Bertrand, Cote des Roses was too beautiful to pass up! A Sauvignon Blanc from Languedoc, in the South of France in a stunning bottle, how could we not take photos.

Using hard light is one of our favorite ways capture moments. The sun can create dramatic shadows, pour light into a photo in a magical way or in this case both! There is nothing better than summer shine blasting through a bottle and a glass.

If you look closely at the picture that is just the shadow of the bottle and wine glass you’ll see that the stopper for the wine bottle is the only object pictures, everything else, you got it, is shadow and light.

If you are a budding photographer or a pro looking to add new techniques, take various objects out on a sunny day. Move them around, play with the shadows, look to see how reflections and rainbows are created. Play around with the angles of the sun and your camera. You will love the result.

Whether work, play or both, add the summertime magic of the sun and it’s an instant photo shoot.

These photos are our ode to romance. Sunshine, wine, and flowers.

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