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As a kid Fall was for leaves.

Then it became about treats. Not just candy, but beautiful baked goods.

Now when the long-lasting chill comes in the air and it dips down to below 40 at night, the season of Fall becomes synonymous with one thing: whiskey. And, oh the choices!

Whiskey With an E

Whether you spell it with or without the “e” [Instagram should come out with a PSA for a standardized spelling] whiskey is so good. 

It’s a warm hug to your throat. It’s a warming drink to your body + soul. This is why during the long cold seasons here in the midwest, we reach for whiskey. 

The Podium

And oh the options!

We’ll highlight 3 that we really enjoy!

First Angel’s Envy, then Woodford Reserve Double-Oaked, + Powers Irish Whiskey

Angel’s Envy

To start us off, a newcomer to our taste buds. Angel’s Envy was gifted to us as congrats to Siège. We’d strongly recommend this as a gift for any person over 21 in your life for any occasion. We were blown away. Top shelf whiskey aged in Port Wine Barrels. Port. Wine. Barrels. That could be their Instagram bio right there. The drink is magical. It contains a multitude of favors. You could sip on it at the end of a night with nothing else. It is its own treat. Just don’t put ice in it + if you do, don’t tell anyone 🙂

Woodford Reserve

Next, we feature a veteran to the Siège palate, Woodford Reserve. The very first high whiskey we enjoyed was Woodford Reserve, but this Double-Oaked version has leveled up this already top-shelf drink. You know that beautiful taste of meat cooked over a flame where you can taste the fire? That’s like the earthy tone present in this fine whiskey. It is a moody drink that goes well with the setting fall sun or as a nice consolation to the early dark of Fall + Winter.  Again, sans ice to get the full taste + texture.

Powers Irish Whiskey

Lastly, Powers Irish Whiskey. At Siège, we don’t just eat with our eyes, we shop with them too. Secondly, when we think of Ireland, we think of quality booze. So add that reputation for quality alcohol to the bottle and label design, it was an easy decision to grab it off the shelf and into our cart. [Sidenote: out of the 3 whiskeys, it was by far the easiest on the wallet.] This whiskey has such a pure clean taste. Very easy to drink, super smooth, + super enjoyable! It not only made it into our cart but our hearts as well, metaphorically of course ; )

Let us know which you tried + which one you love!

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