Lost Whale


There is so much to say about Lost Whale, it’s cool, like really cool! You’ll want to linger there.

Two hospitality veterans teamed up to bring, this hospitality-focused bar, Lost Whale, to Milwaukee. Tripper Duval, former mixologist for Badger Liquor, and Daniel Beres, formerly Beverage Director for Stand Eat Drink Hospitality Group have created one of the coolest cocktail bars we’ve been to.

Everything there has a story, from the design of the interior to the cocktails, to the name. Honestly, the name is what caught our attention as we were driving by it a few weeks ago. Lost Whale, comes from an old April Fool’s article about whales being spotted in Lake Michigan.

Walk-in and you are greeted by detail after detail. Get really close to that gorgeous design on the wall, yeah it’s not wallpaper, it’s hand-painted! The color palette, design, atmosphere, it’s all so well done.

Lost Whale Cocktails

There is passion and creativity pouring out of every corner of this beautiful establishment! We sat at the bar and watched J.C. make cocktails and we listened to the story behind each one of them, it was awesome!

Each drink is an experience. An experience of quality and expertise. You can see it as they carefully craft every cocktail to a perfect presentation. As you look through the photos you will see a drink in a Jolly Good Fruit Punch can, this drink is 100% recyclable! Not only are these drinks masterfully crafted they are also fun and approachable, like the “Harvey Wallbanger”. This drink features Grey Goose vodka, Modest Vodka, Acidified orange, Galliano, Heirloom Genepy, and Bittercube cherry bark vanilla bitters! Now that is a handcrafted cocktail!


You can linger indoors at Lost Whale all night, or you can wander outside to the unplanned pandemic pop-up, Pufferfish. Take a walk down a beautifully themed alley into a Tiki Bar, which showcases how creative and invested the staff is. Covid gave them lemons and they made a tiki bar to sit back and have some fun in!

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