Laotian Food in a Milwaukee Food Court

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It is so wonderful going to so many different restaurants and discovering so many different types of food! Recently, we discovered Laotian Food in a Milwaukee Food Court. Well not just a Milwaukee Food Court, the amazing Crossroads Collective, where they celebrate culinary artistry and the Milwaukee Community. Each vendor is an independent, local, chef-owned business. Wait! Are you still with us? Before you leave to go to Crossroads Collective, give us a few more minutes and let us finish telling you about Thum! This Laotian food palace is named after the sound a mortar and pestle make when being used in the kitchen, thum…thum…thum. (We love that, by the way).

Food is Hospitality

Thum’s bio states, food is hospitality and we firmly believe that! From the presentation of the food to the sweet White Rabbit candy treats given with each order to the done to perfection branding, Thum embodies hospitality. They even give out free stickers, which is a huge bonus for us because we collect a sticker or business card from every restaurant we go to!

Perfect Selection of Laotian Food

Thum’s selection of Laotian food is perfect. You can try everything from Eggplant, mushroom, and pepper Jeow to Laab cauliflower to papaya fries to egg rolls with a delicious sweet and sour sauce. Milwaukee’s food scene is hot, go experience it for yourself!

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