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Wes Anderson’s films have a perfect mix of seriousness + fun. The aesthetic is flawless. With soundtracks curated with utmost intentionality. The filming can provide its own semester’s worth of film school material. Yet his films are always fun.

All of these Wes Anderson qualities make up Mint Mark in Madison, Wisconsin. 

Instantly when you walk up you are taken in by the aesthetic. Two amazing shades of green make up the brand colors + just like life, it gets better at the bar! The bar boasts of wonderfully inviting cocktails that invite you to sit + just take it all in. 

Every restaurant needs an Instagram wall!

The bar is located right next to what the staff calls their “Instagram wall.” This stunning wallpaper makes the brand colors of green pop and shine. We happily joined the masses + took a selfie. The bar + wall could have its own Instagram page!

The cozy eating room is presided over by a captivating drawing of Anthony Bordain. It’s beyond regal + emblematic.

Outdoor dining

Whether you go during these restricted times of Covid or not, we recommend the alley! You are transported into a whole new world (we’ll pause for you to belt the chorus). We started on their patio + moved to the alley. We sat at a small bistro table next to concrete steps wonderfully cluttered with small plants with soft and small outside lights delicately draped on the concrete wall on the other side of the alley. 

As we ate, a stray cat even graced the end of the alley. It was as if we were on a Disney sponsored date directed by Wes Anderson. That’s the fun, it is the food that is serious!

Say “yes” to the biscuits

At our waitress guidance, we ordered their flagship biscuit. Wow, it should have another name so that everyone can understand that this biscuit is no ordinary biscuit. It’s dense but moist and comes with garlic honey butter. Garlic. Honey. Butter people!

And that is just the beginning. There’s no weak spot on the menu. We had multiple cocktails, entrees + desserts. Every bite was full of flavor, rich in texture, and plated beautifully.

An inspiring and wonderful experience.

We love a restaurant with good swag, and the logo is two M’s, so it was a no brainer to get matching hats! (Marc and Melissa, you know it goes both ways)!

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