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Let’s watch a documentary

Have you ever watched a documentary + wished you could be there? To take it all in. The sights. The vibe. The smells. 

Three times a week, Calumet Fisheries in Chicago puts on a documentary.

We had the joy of filming it but it’s not an exclusive club. 

As we shot pictures, diners + folks passing by came with their cameras + took pictures.

Smokehouse rules

Calumet Fisheries is located, as their t-shirts will tell you, by the bridge on 95th street on the south side of Chicago.

The building stands alone for over a block on each side but that doesn’t stop droves of cars, walkers, bikers, foodies, + fans of smoked fish to congregate at their storybook location. 

Grandfathered in by the city of Chicago, the fishery has a two-chamber detached smokehouse for shrimp + fish.

This process is 7 hours of fire stoking. It is done by a 27-year-old young man Javier, who has been with the fishery since 16 years old. The staff is loyal and tenured. They are hospitable, they enjoy the fun + folklore of a small-town business heralded by Anthony Bordain after a visit he did for a show. 

This fish takes center stage

The smokehouse has a painted mural highlighting Bordian’s visit as well as their numerous yearly awards. But it’s the food that takes center stage. Whether smoked or fried, the fish is fantastic. 

When you eat, you feel like you hit the jackpot. You found the gold of the end of the rainbow. You’ve really never had anthing quite like this before. Its hard to describe how amazing a piece of fish can really taste when all that hits it is smoke. It’s archaic, it’s simple and it’s perfect.

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