If you are into Latin American food, done with a modern twist, that tastes delicious and is presented beautifully, look no further. Libertad, in Skokie, IL is one of our new favorites. We love sharing food, mostly because whatever Marc orders, I usually end up wanting! So when a restaurant serves small plates, which allows you to order multiple dishes and try more than one thing, we are all in!

Libertad sources locally grown and organic ingredients wherever they can. Restaurant’s that participate in sustainability are a huge plus to us. It means they are conscious about the environment, their community and the quality of their food.

Libertad Welcomes With Warmth

The night we dinned with Libertad, Covid was still in full effect, so it was chilly and outdoor seating was our only option. We gladly took our seats on the beautiful back patio and were immediately welcomed with warm, delicious soup in little mugs. Who doesn’t love a good, authentic margarita, done really well? We love sharing a cocktail that compliments the cuisine we are eating and this beautifully crafted margarita featuring, Libelula tequila, lime juice, and house syrup was as perfect to sip on as it was to look at.

Delightful Poblano Pepper

We can not say enough about this poblano pepper that we started with. A tempura battered pepper, chèvre & habanero jack, tofu, mushrooms,epazote, chile de arbol salsa. Wow, we could have ordered two of these and been totally satisfied. Bursting with vibrant flavor and color, this poblano pepper is a must order when you go to Libertad!


We also shared a plate of Paella. This dish has its origins in Spain and Libertad does a wonderful version of it. Featuring saffron risotto, green peas, andouille sausage, branzino, shrimp, mussels, clams, lobster, and chile de arbol, this dish was satisfying and plentiful.

Sweet Ending

We finished our time at Libertad with an elegant slice of Tres Leches Cake. It was a perfect ending to our meal, beautifully plated and packed with flavor.

We are already planning a trip back to try more dishes off of their seasonal menu! We hope you will too!

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