“Wow!” That’s what we said after the first bite of the first slice of pizza. “Wow!!” That’s what we said after the first bite of the second slice of pizza. For the best pizza, Italy wins!

Good food is an experience

Good sports teams win because they are consistent. There was not a single bite at Napolita that did not consistently “wow” us. Good food is an experience. 

First and foremost it is about the food + at Napolita it is as if each ingredient is handpicked as the best as each ingredient explodes on your taste buds. 

The experience of the ingredients actually starts before you eat. At Siège, we always say you eat with your eyes. At Napolita, your nose gets a treat. You can smell the freshness + the quality of the food. It’s incredible. 

A salad worth craving

Then the wild fun starts. We shared the Tritata Italiano salad. They modestly describe the salad on their menu: romaine, prosciutto, soppressata, pepperoncini, tomato, onion, basil, garbanzo, grana podano, wine vinaigrette. What those words don’t tell you is that it is the finest quality of all of those ingredients. It’s almost unexplainable + best understood not with words but experience. 

Pizza pie

After the salad we had pie. And by pie, we mean, pizza pie. 

We love pizza. We crave it. We had not shot it yet, so the trip was for a pizza pie. 

What we didn’t know was the backstory. Again, the modest description of the menu doesn’t communicate the quality of food. Here’s the black + white, Quattro Stagioni: fresh mozzarella, bel paese, artichoke, mixed olives, mushrooms, basil, Parmigiano Reggiano, e.v.o.o.

VPN certified

Here’s the backstory. Napolita is 1 of 3 in the Chicagoland area [the only one in the burbs] that is certified with VPN oven. If you are like us and did not know what that meant, it means you have a woodfire oven imported from Italy. The ingredients we raved about, yep, those are imports from Italy as well. The oven burns at 900 degrees and cooks the pie in a flash. 

We’ve never had anything like it. It is incredible. Absolutely wondrously good. 

To top it off, we mean mind-blowingly top it off, from 2-5PM they celebrate happy hour with $12 for any pizza pie. There should be no other pizza place within a 15-mile radius.

There is always room for dessert

Finally, because no matter how much dinner you eat, there’s always room for dessert. We made pigs of ourselves with tiramisu + cannoli. 

A word about their tiramisu. We told them it should come with sweatpants. They are beyond generous with the portion. A dainty small plate could not hold this magnificent monster. 

The word authentic gets used a lot. Everyone claims it. This cannoli is so legit they even warn you that it will taste different than the sweet version you get anywhere else. This allows for all the flavors to be balanced + tasted throughout the tasting of this treat. No flavor overpowers the other. 

Like we just said, everyone throws out the word authentic, Napolita serves it up + we will be back to gobble it up.

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