Donut Banana Split


So, we ran into Mariano’s yesterday to grab a few things really quick! But, a super fun, pink donut box caught our eye. To our delight, it was a box of chocolate dipped Stan’s Donuts! One of our favorite spots to get donuts in Chicago!

Stan’s Donuts is a famous LA donut shop that laid down roots right here in Chicago! So whenever you are in Chicago, now you know where to get your donut fix. But now, you can get them at Mariano’s in the suburbs too!

Summertime Dessert Fix, Donut Banana Split

As you must already know, donuts need no additions and can be consumed by the dozen just as they are! But, its summer and we have a lot of kids, so we wanted to make something totally indulgent with these chocolatey dipped treats. So, we thought, why not turn them into a base to hold all of the goodness of a banana split!

This super easy dessert can be made in no time and might be the best bribe ever for getting your kiddos to eat all their dinner! It’s colorful, fun and super delicious.



Ice cream (We used chocolate chip mint)

Hot fudge



Optional whipped cream, nuts and pretty much anything else you can imagine!


Cut your donut in half, scoop your favorite ice-cream on top, pour tons of hot fudge on top, sprinkle it up and top it with a cherry! It doesn’t get much easier than that.

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