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High on the Hog, Netflix

We have to admit, we are kind of documentary junkies, especially when it comes to food documentaries. We just finished High on the Hog on Netflix, it was incredibly educational, and like good education will do, it inspired us! The show beautifully highlights how much history and pride came from a time of such oppression and injustice. Emphasizing that creative expression can thrive anywhere and creative culinary expressions not only thrived out of the African American community but helped shape America and its cuisine. Meals were cooked with great complexity and flavor. We wanted to explore a new way of cooking that was celebrated on High on the Hog, cooking with fire! Cooking with fire allows earthly elements to assist with the cooking process and bring out incredible flavor.

Sweet Potatoes

We choose the sweet potato and it never tasted so good. The most simple way of cooking creates the most complex flavor. We usually smoother sweet potatoes with butter and brown sugar, but let us tell you, these need nothing! Smokey flavor, creamy texture, the heat draws the syrups out of the potatoes, how could we ever cook a sweet potato another way?

The process is simple, use as many sweet potatoes as you would like, we used organic sweet potatoes. Scrub them clean, poke a few holes in them with a fork, roll them in heavy foil. Get your fire rolling, stick the sweet potatoes in the embers of the fire. The potatoes take between 30-45 minutes to cook through depending on size.

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