Modern Maki Sushi Truck in Milwaukee


What do you think when you hear “sushi food truck”? We are hoping your thinking to yourself, YES PLEASE!!! You may have heard us talk about an awesome food truck park in Milwaukee called, Zocalo. Well, the first time we ever went there, we were introduced to one of our favorite food trucks, Modern Maki. Now, if you can believe this, Marc had never had sushi before.

Modern Maki, is so fun and approachable, even if you have never had sushi before, you will want sushi! I love sushi and have eaten it for years, and Marc craves it now! We started Marc off with a tempura shrimp roll and a California roll, easy right!? Well that went over so well that we decided to move onto the white tuna and shrimp. Two more wins! I had to laugh at Marc at one point as he took a huge bite of wasabi, a rookie mistake!

As you can tell by the last photo. Marc’s first experience with sushi was a huge success! I think he’s ready to move on to the big leagues now! Modern Maki is a must try, not only is the sushi fresh and delcious but Marco and his wife are awesome people and are so kind and hospitable when you stop by their Milwaukee truck! So, always try new foods, you never know what your going to love!

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