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Anytime we are remotely close to Leno’s Sandwich Shop in Waukegan, IL we have to stop. Even if we are not hungry, we have to stop. Leno’s has those sandwiches, the ones you just crave, those old school hoagies you just can’t get enough of. This Waukegan staple has been around since the 70s! It may not have been aesthetically updated since the 70s either, but when your making sandwiches this good, who cares! It has that old school charm and we love it!

The Perfect Leno’s Sandwhich

We always get the same thing when we go to Leno’s. The Italian Stallion, I think Marc thinks it’s named after him, I just let him believe that. Ehem, but from the bread to the perfect amount of ham, capicola, pepperoni & mozzarella to the delicious house-made sauce, you will crave this sandwich, we promise! If the Italian Stallion is not your thing, don’t worry there are a ton of other mouth-watering choices, like a hot beef and cheddar or a simple turkey and cheese. Again, its all about that bread and sauce!

If you are anywhere near Lake County, do your self a favor and get over to Leno’s! You won’t regret it!

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