Are Supper Clubs just for Boomers?

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Are supper clubs only for old folk?

Has modern gastronomy surpassed the quality of the old-timey supper clubs?

Simplicity + Quality at a Supper Club!

The Wonder Bar in Madison, Wisconsin admittedly has an older clientele. They don’t have an Instagram account because their average customer uses Facebook. But before you think that its a place only for Boomer’s, don’t write them off. 

There is a simplicity + quality that is noteworthy in the Wonder Bar. Quality takes center stage. 

The Old School Sidecar

The Wonder Bar Sidecar is such an old school drink that you won’t see it served at many bars. It’s only 3 ingredients. Which means that there is no place to hide. 

When I (Marc) was in symphonic + jazz band in High School- which either makes you think higher of me or less 🙂 I was told + experienced that it’s easier to play fast than slow. Slow meant you had nowhere to hide, the same is true of simple ingredients. Wonder Bar’s Sidecar hits it out of the ballpark!

After Dinner Drinks

But don’t think for a moment that this is only a museum of cocktails. The Bartender created a drink that does double duty. It’s a nice strong drink + dessert! The drink doesn’t just taste like a peanut butter cup, it is an exact replica of the taste of the pb treat! The drink was created because after the out-of-this-world steak, crab legs, and big eats from the kitchen it would leave little room for the dessert but folks still wanted the sweet. Enter Screwball peanut butter whiskey, chocolate liquor leading the list of ingredients + inside the drink is a Reese’s peanut butter cup that is wonderfully soaked in all the liquor goodness!

Supper Clubs are not just for older folk!

So get yourself ready for a seriously delicious + high-end experience!

Super clubs are not just for older folk. Dining out is about an experience + that is what you will find at The Wonder Bar.

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