Chocolate Rugelach, a Jewish Tradition


We have had the pleasure of meeting so many wonderful friends since we started our business. One of them we get to collaborate with on a regular basis, Jane Ariel Katz! She creates amazing recipes that we get to cook, style, and photograph for her wonderful blog! We wait with anticipation each week to see what she is going to send us because her recipes are always a treat.

A traditional Ashkenazi chocolate rugelach cookie

During this holiday season, we wanted to celebrate with our friends from all over the world. Learning about different cultures and what makes them unique always bring us such joy. We were so thankful when Jane shared a recipe for her chocolate rugelach, a traditional Ashkenazi (Eastern European) Jewish cookie with us. Food is such an important part of culture, it helps shape who we are. When someone shares a recipe that they grew up on or was special to them, they are sharing a piece of themselves. These chocolate rugelach cookies have generations of culture and family attached to them and that is so special to us.

Delicate & delightful

These delicate cookies are delightful, the cookie itself is buttery and flaky, and the chocolate filling is rich but balances with the dough of the cookie perfectly. These little cookies, may have just made it onto our yearly list of holiday cookies we bake every year. A couple of dozen of these cookies wrapped beautifully would make such a special holiday gift.

To make these for yourself check out Jane’s recipe here! They are worth every moment of baking!

You may also enjoy Jane’s cranberry bean soup with bacon and kale!

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