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It seems like one can not really ever get enough tacos. Honestly, The possibilities are literally endless when it comes to the innovative ways you can stuff a perfectly made tortilla shell. One of our go-to stops for tacos that we know will also please is The Other Door tacos in Lake Bluff! The Other Door is right next to its sister restaurant, Inovasi, which is a modern American bistro and bar! So, whichever door you pick, your sure to have a great experience!

The Other Door is the Right Door

We love the way the menu is set up, so you are literally creating a combination perfect for you! Pick your meat, pick your salsa and pick your toppings! Let us entice you with some winning combinations! “The Potato Forgot to Duck”, Braised potatoes, slow-cooked duck leg, rosemary, hominy, onion is one of our favorites. Or perhaps the “Belly of the Beast”, slow-roasted pork belly with charred onions, orange skins, epazote is more up your alley. But don’t worry they even have vegetarian options, like “The Tree Hugger”, Tofu Chorizo, basmati rice, Beans roasted peppers & onions!

In Order of Heat

But you may want to just order a side of every salsa they offer, we are just going to share three with you, in order of heat, and we’re pretty sure you will be looking up their menu to read about the other amazing flavors. “Limoncitos”, lemon, oregano, onion, and avocado is always refreshing and mild, perfect for any taco in our opinion. “La Pamplonada”, smoked chilies, chocolate, and hazelnut, oh my goodness, smokey goodness with a hint of chocolate, you can not go wrong. Now let bring the heat with “La Malinche”, roasted habanero, cumin, and Japanese citrus, wow, let’s just say “Fire”, in a good way!

You are sure to find your perfect taco at the Other Door! Grab one for us next time your there!

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