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My love for food emerged at an early age. I would watch my flawless grandmother grace her kitchen in her high heels and perfectly pressed apron. She created the most beautiful food with such ease. She always hummed while she cooked, so poised and happy to be spending the day preparing each detail of every meal. Balanced and beautiful, she always seemed to handle the hardships of life with such elegance.

The Slow Road

The slow road was her chosen path, the time to cook, really cook. Taking the time to tell the long version of the simplest story. Her words were honey and her presence was comfort. Watching the way she cared for all that she did, her passion began to infuse my heart. I’ve kept every letter and recipe that she hand wrote, they were like love letters. Fast forward many years as I stand in the pastry kitchens of Le Cordon Bleu, wrapping my apron around my waist, ready to pursue the passion that was gifted to me.  

The slow road comes with pleasure and pain and evokes regret and inspiration. But that is the road we choose to take, Siège, to us, is the worn seat that still sits in the corner of your grandmother’s kitchen. It’s the seat that you sit down to hear the long version of the story. We commune and listen and talk and create a dance, a dance of trust and exploration. Always wanting to read the handwritten version of the letter and savor the time when things were slow because they had to be. Our business is a journey with a beginning and middle and an end. Many years ago, the beginning was a little girl in a kitchen, sitting in a seat watching her grandmother create a legacy.

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